5/25 - 5/26 Server Maintenance

Listed below are services that may be interrupted from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday:
SQL-SRV1: cars.fresno.edu,ce.fresno.edu, ce.fresno.edu/cpd, training.fresno.edu, EventRegistration.fresno.edu, and Squawkbox, 5/25/2013SQL-SRV2: This is a Test Server and no external services are affectedSQLSRV3: Center for Online Learning, 5/25/2013LM-SERVER: peacemaking.biz, rooms.fresno.edu, sunbirdarchive.fresno.edu, peace.fresno.edu, mediationassociates.co, Vorp.org, AVOW Authentication, technicaloperations.fresno.edu,Restorative Justice International.org, mediation-services.co, 5/25/2013LMSRV2: Moodle Tool, eventreg.fresno.edu, eventregadmin.fresno.edu, and touchnet marketplace, 5/25/2013MOODLE3: learning19.fresno.edu server, 5/25/2013DW1: DataWarehouse, AVOW, Astra, Moodle 1.9, 5/25/2013Datastore: CPD websites, and AVOW transcript requests, Moodle Tool, 5/25/2013EDSRV1: moodle.fresno.edu (CPD Moodle Server), 5/25/2013