COVID-19 and Payroll

Payroll Reminder: All physical/manual checks will be mailed. Checks will not be available for pickup on campus.

In light of many recent changes around campus due to COVID-19, all physical/manual checks will be mailed out on the day that they are processed. Checks will not be available for pickup at the cashier’s window or in the Human Resources Office. If possible, please sign up for direct deposit. If direct deposit is not an option for you, please make sure that you have a current, local address on file with our department, so that there will not be a delay in receiving your paycheck. We ask that you utilize online resources to submit direct deposit information and address changes. Please note, the next payroll will be processed on Wednesday, March 25, for a check date of Friday, March 27. For any submission to take effect for the upcoming payroll, it must be received no later than the day before processing; otherwise, it will take effect the following pay period. For any assistance with payroll concerns, please email

How can I submit a direct deposit authorization or address change online?

  • Departments & Offices
  • Human Resources
  • Forms
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form or Employee Change Form (for address changes)