Exam Proctoring

Please note: Exam proctoring procedures through the Academic Success Center have been changed in order to better serve the community. 

  1. Students are responsible for making appointments 48 hours in advance (business hours) with the ASC via Moodle, linked to all class Moodle shells or via the Moodle link on my.fpu.edu or https://learning.fresno.edu/course/view.php?id=27774.
  2. Students are also responsible for requesting faculty to submit exams to the ASC by the scheduled exam time, 48 – 72 hours in advance.
  3. Student appointment requests will be reviewed by Disability Access and Education staff to determine if testing accommodations are applicable.  If so, accommodations will be noted on the appointment entry.
  4. Any student who does not have testing accommodations must have permission of the instructor to take an exam in the ASC, outside of scheduled in-class exam. Instructors are requested to allow make-up exams only for legitimate reasons such as athletes being out of town, students who were ill, or other urgent situations. No whole class make-ups are allowed in the ASC.
  5. Instructors will find the exam proctoring “pink sheet” in the ASC (Marpeck 105) or online at the ASC Moodle shell, linked to all class Moodle platform or via the Moodle link on my.fpu.edu or https://learning.fresno.edu/course/view.php?id=27774. Instructions are found on the form.
    1. Exams should be sent via email academic.suppport@fresno.edu or dropped off in person to Marpeck 105.
    2. Exams should be picked up by instructors or TA's from the ASC by 4:00 p.m. Friday of each week.
    3. Any completed exams not picked up by Friday will be delivered to the appropriate dean’s assistant.
    4. Any exams not completed by the student within 7 days of the appointed timeframe will be shredded.
  6. ASC staff may deny any appointment request if limited space is previously fully booked.  In which case, the student must request a different appointment time.

Questions: contact the ASC at 559-453-5585 or francisco.carrillo@fresno.edu