Grant Management Workshop

FPU’s Office of Continuing Education is proud to host the Grant Management USA workshop on March 12 and 13 on the main campus. We have been offered complimentary seats for FPU staff to attend the two-day workshop, we still have three seats available.

Please contact Paulette Matsubara, if you are interested in attending.

Grant Management USA delivers training programs across America that dramatically enhance grant management performance and administrative excellence.

They have coached, trained, and consulted for nearly 10,000 top-rank organizations and more than 20,000 individual achievers from every imaginable domain: leaders of government, philanthropists, academics, outstanding nonprofit managers, top-performing staffers, everyday heroes. And because we learn as we teach, we have synthesized these champions' highest knowledge into one high-impact, fluff-free, fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.