Hiebert Library Workshops

This is what you've all been waiting for! The library will be offering workshop style orientations for your students *and yourself!* on the second weeks of each month during the 2019-2020 school year! What does that mean? It means that now your students (of all types, of course DC, Grad, Hybrid, TUG) could come in and get any of their library questions answered, as well as the ability to see how the library works and can work for them! Now, by no means should you stop inviting the Instructional Librarian to your class (perhaps, this will be your call to START inviting her?), but that your students will have an additional opportunity to get some much needed (and very important!) information on how to use the Hiebert Library. More dates available on the Hiebert Library Facebook page under Events, or through accessing the hiebertlibrary.eventbrite.com website!

For more information, please look on the hiebertlibrary.eventbrite.com page for available dates, and to hold you slots! More questions? Please contact Amina McGensy (amina.mcgensy@fresno.edu) or the Hiebert Library! Wondering about how to meet with your librarian outside of the workshop times? Contact Amina McGensy for scheduling one-on-one, group or class instruction sessions.