Master Calendar Information & Procedures

The University Master Calendar is a comprehensive calendar of all programs and events happening on campus for staff, faculty, traditional undergraduate students, degree completion students, and graduate level students at Fresno Pacific University.


Accessing the calendar

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Log in using your email & password
  3. You will be told that you need to request permission to view the page. Once you have requested, permission is usually granted with 24-48 hours. You will only need to go through this process once.


Adding to the calendar

Submissions to the calendar can be made by emailing your department representative.  Not sure who your departments representative is?  Email and we will let you know.  If you’re department does not have an assigned representative, the events office will be able to add the content for you.




What is the purpose of the University Master Calendar?

The Master Calendar will be managed and hosted online so that…

  1. Departments and groups planning programs will have a comprehensive, up-to-date view of other activities happening on campus in order to avoid scheduling conflicts and maximize attendance and impact.
  2. Students will have a simple and reliable way to see what programs are available to them.


Does the event that I am planning need to be added to the Master Calendar?

Most likely, yes!  If you want others to know the event is taking place and would like others to be aware of it while planning their events, please add it.  Please include as much detail as possible when adding an event including the event name, date, time, location and descriptions are also helpful for people trying to identify events.  The community doesn’t need to know about your department’s birthday potluck celebration so you can leave that kind of thing off. 


Can I schedule an event at the same time as another event?

You can, however, it is suggested that you do so wisely and with others in mind. Many days, you may not have a choice but to overlap with another event, but it is advised that you do this as infrequently as possible, and consult the department with whom you will be competing.


How can I make the most of the Master Calendar?

  1. Plan Ahead: Submit your event to the Master Calendar as soon as possible. Doing so will decrease the likelihood that someone else plans an event at the same time. It will also increase the amount of people who see your event as they use the calendar. A minimum of 2 weeks is recommended when possible—for larger events, the sooner the better!
  2. Collaborate: You now have access to a lot of information and events! Spend some time looking over the calendar and consider partnering with other departments. This can increase the quality of the event, and decrease the overall cost and workload!
  3. Timing: Plan your event at a time that there are no other events happening for your audience. Better yet, find a gap in which no one is planning an event. This will help fill out the calendar and space out opportunities for the community to attend and be involved.


How can I edit or delete an event that I’ve already submitted?

If you would like to remove or change the details of your event, please email your department representative or if you need further assistance you can always email