Moodle Development Site Announcement

Over the last several years, some faculty and program directors have used the Moodle Development Site to develop and maintain a master course for their programs. As part of the Moodle modernization transition coming this summer (July 9, 2019), the course development Moodle site or Moodle DEV is slated to be decommissioned on May 24, 2019. As a result, any actively-maintained master courses on Moodle Dev will need to be migrated to the Moodle course hosting site at by May 24.


To facilitate the master course migration and to avoid duplication, the COL Moodle support team would like to coordinate with Program Directors and Faculty to identify current master course shells for migration.

Faculty and Program Directors - if you have actively-maintained master courses on the Moodle development site that need to be migrated, please coordinate with the COL Moodle support team to help us identify current master course shells and the appropriate users (instructors) that will need to be migrated. Note: Only actively maintained and current master courses will be migrated.


To request a course migration, submit a ticket at

For questions, contact the Center for Online Learning at


For additional information about the Moodle modernization process, please visit our website at: