Racial Bias Incident on Campus

We would like to make the FPU community aware of a racial bias incident that occurred approximately 10 days ago.  Unfortunately, a new Black Student Union Club collecting signatures on an online Google form was hacked and altered with derogatory language and racial slurs. Our community will not stand for these forms of intimidation and hatred and they will not be tolerated on campus. The Campus Life Division and the entire university fully supports the Black Student Union Club.The Black Student Union Club will stand strong and continue forward, and those affected have been reached out to and are being given resources and support.


If anyone has any information, please let us know. It is immensely important to report incidents of hate and bias so that they can be addressed and communicated campus-wide. The university can also ensure those targeted are receiving the services they may need. FPU will pursue student conduct charges and, when necessary, take legal measures against those individuals who have been found to violate FPU’s codes of conduct or federal/state law.


We encourage all of our community to take time to read FPU’s Diversity Rationale.  In this statement, fully supported by President Jones and the FPU Board of Trustees, you will discover the unwavering commitment this institution has to justice and equality. Fresno Pacific University was founded on, and continues to operate through, Christ-centered values. Please keep our Black Student Union students in your prayers.   


United our FPU community will stand.


Breanne Wyse

Director of Diversity and Inclusion


Patty Salinas

Interim Chief Diversity Officer and Director of ALAS


T. Dale Scully

Vice President for Campus Life