Senior Professionals Announcement 2/26

The Senior Professionals seminar for next week Tuesday, February 26 (2-4 p.m. in SCC 103), features Lorin and Karen Neufeld telling their story "From Kansas to Kansas." Faculty and staff are invited to attend as guests of the Senior Professionals group.


Karen was born and raised in Kansas. Lorin met and married Karen when he came to Kansas from California for higher education. Together they began their marriage and careers in Kansas, as well as pursuit of graduate degrees. Karen earned both her MS in Teaching of Reading and Ed.D. in Educational Administration from the University of Kansas. Lorin earned his Ph.D. in Physical Science from Kansas State University, and later his MS in Computer Science from Western Michigan University.


From Tabor College in Kansas, their careers have taken them to Michigan and California. At FPU, Karen was a member of the faculty in teacher education and Lorin in the physical sciences. Now, as these two Senior Professionals members anticipate a return to Kansas, they tell their stories of living and working in the world of private Christian higher education and of serving the Mennonite Brethren Church.