Several Authors with FPU Connections Contribute to Christian Leader Issue on Race

FPU Colleagues,

You may be interested to read articles in the latest Christian Leader (the U.S. Mennonite Brethren magazine) from several past and present FPU colleagues and students on racism and the MB church and institutions. They include articles by:

  • Dina Gonzalez-Pina, our former FPU colleague/director of multicultural ministries, who is now director of West Coast Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), writing “An Invitation to Understand Racism.”
  • Saji Oommen, MB missionary and periodic FPU guest speaker, writing “Restraint” regarding the pressures he and other persons of color often feel to conform to white-dominant culture and institutions.
  • Mike Rea, FPU intercultural studies major alumni, who is now Learning Coordinator for MCC, writing “A Mennonite Tesserae’ on the growing diversity of the U.S. MB church and the challenges of being an MB person of color in the midst of a white MB church (and FPU) culture.
  • Mark Isaac, our former FPU colleague/vice president of advancement, who is now pastoring New Life Community Church (Dinuba MB), writing “She’s Difficult” about coming to terms with the part he played in a situation at FPU that perpetuated systemic racism.
  • Terry Hunt, MB district minister and pastor of The Life Church (MB) in Lenoir, North Carolina, writing “Do You See What I See?” on his experiences as a black man growing up in the south and his challenge to the MB church to fight for racial justice.
  • Jamie Mack, seminary student and associate pastor of worship and discipleship at North Fresno Church (MB), writing “The Power of a Good Story” on the importance of using books in teaching our children to be anti-racist.
  • Myself (Darren Duerksen), writing “God’s Blessing or White Privilege?” about my ongoing journey learning about my and my white MB church’s privilege.