Staff and Faculty Protocol: How to Respond to a Student Report of COVID-19

In an effort to streamline communication and provide support to our main and regional campus students in a timely manner, we would like to request that all FPU staff and faculty members use the following protocol if a student voluntarily informs you that they have (a) tested positive for COVID-19, (b) have had a known exposure to someone with COVID-19, or (c) are experiencing symptoms.

If a student notifies a staff or faculty member that they fit one of the above criteria (a, b, or c), please immediately contact the appropriate campus:


Student Development Office

559-453-2073 or



Denise Baronian

559-453-7197 or




  • The student will be contacted directly by a member of our Rapid Response Teams. The team member will conduct a brief interview and provide information to the student regarding quarantine/isolation, resources for support, and follow-up care.
  • If the student is requesting special accommodations due to Covid-19, the student will need to reach out to Melinda Gunning from the Disability Access and Education office, (559) 453-7130 or
  • If the student is also a student worker, the Rapid Response Team will notify HR during the initial interview process.