TUG Student Retention Plan

The Retention Task Force is happy to share the TUG Student Retention Plan with the university community.

The Retention Task Force was asked to begin the ongoing process of researching, publishing, assessing, and revising a retention plan for our traditional undergraduate students. Attached you will find the first completed version of the TUG Student Retention Plan.

It is our sincere hope that the TUG Student Retention Plan

  • further orient the university community to student retention at FPU and provide a strong rationale for continued and increased commitment to student success,
  • provides context, data, and vision to inform current student success efforts throughout the university,
  • highlight opportunities to support our at-risk student populations, and
  • serve as an invitation for ongoing collaboration and dialogue around the challenges facing our students

If you have ideas, questions, or requests for the TUG Retention Task Force, please email jesse.torres@fresno.edu.