Upcoming WSCUC Webinars

WSCUC is very pleased to announce WSCUC Right to the Point - a series of webinars in the coming months designed to address what’s happening now and how we are meeting the moment in practical and effective ways.

They will host two webinars each month in October, November and December. They will feature practical resources, expert facilitators and opportunities for networking with colleagues in a format where direct and concise 45-minute presentations are followed by break-out discussion groups and wrapped up with concluding reflections. Each will be no longer than 90 minutes total, but if you’re pressed for time you can join just for the first 45 minutes and learn from our facilitators. Our topics include:

  • October 16 - Right to the Point: Equity through a Sociologically Mindful Lens
  • October 27 - Right to the Point: Student Learning and Assessment Fundamentals
  • November 10 - Working Together: Right to the Point about Student Affairs and Academic Affairs
  • November 18 - Reviewing, Assessing, and Planning: Right to the Point about Institutional Effectiveness
  • December 4 - Better Conversations and Better Data: Right to the Point about Institutional Research
  • December 11 - Right to the Point: Student Learning and Advanced Topics in Assessment

They are offering this set of new webinars free of charge to WSCUC’s member institutions, absorbing the cost through savings elsewhere, so we can respond to your needs for good and timely information and easy sign-up. Specific times and more details about each webinar will be coming your way soon, along with information about facilitators and registration. As the dates approach and the times are confirmed (likely 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.), links will be posted to Squawk Box.