Exciting changes happening in Student Accounts!

Effective July 1
*Student Account Managers will be going back to working with students by population, starting JULY 1:
-Jesse Carlos:  Degree Completion students in NFC, Merced and Bakersfield
-Katie George: Degree Completion students in Visalia
-Bethany Rader: Traditional Undergraduate students
-Sarah Taylor: Assistant Director and Student Account Manager for Graduate, Seminary and VA students
*After recently completing a  Process Analysis for Student Accounts, we reviewed and evaluated our internal processes and how we work with students from time of entry to commencement to determine if our format for customer service was best meeting the students’ needs.   We realized that we would be serving the students more effectively by going back to working with specific student populations,  as opposed to the current format of students being assigned to a staff member by social security number.  By the staff being cross trained though, this will be a benefit to each other and the students as they will be able to assist each other during various peak times in the school year. 
*Students will be notified throughout the next month in a variety of ways, preparing them for the coming transition.