Annual Fire Inspection

On 6-18-2013 we will be conducting the annual Fire Inspection. In order to avoid negative remarks, please make sure you take the following steps on 6-18-2013. All personal space heaters need to be gone from your office area. With the current heat I do not expect this to be a problem. Surge Protectors or Power Strips CANNOT be plugged into each other or into an extension cord. Extension cords CANNOT be ran from the Surge Protectors or Power Strips either. If you’re in a situation where this is happening, please send an email to describing the issue. It will then be addressed. Finally, if you are in an office that has a window in the door and the glass has a metal mesh or diamond pattern in it, this is a “Fire Rated Door” and needs to be closed during business hoursand place all door stops in your desk’s. These are the smaller issues that the Fire Inspectors look for but can be avoided. Thank you for your help in this matter.