Strategic Plan Update

We have now had five strategic planning sessions since the beginning of the year.  Thank you to all who have attended and contributed.  Your comments and ideas are already shaping and contributing to the plan. We appreciate your questions and insights into our possible future.
Let me offer an update and some additional information.

Alternating sessions are planned through the semester, one for general university planning, and one for academic planning. We have varied the time so that all can attend at least some sessions.


After each session, a survey will be sent out asking for responses and idea.  Please feel free to offer your ideas or questions whether you have attended or not attended.  You may also send ideas to Gwen Burks who is supporting the committee:  This is a general invitation for your participation throughout the process.


At each session we have offered some background or other information that shape our responses to the environment we face, and that help us understand ourselves in our environment. We will continue to follow this pattern for the next few sessions.  If there is specific information that you might find helpful, please let us know.


All of the documents that we have shared, plus some others have been posted on the Provost’s intranet page, under “Strategic Planning”  Please review them at any time you have need.  We will continue to add to the documents as the work progresses.


A new Strategic  Planning Task Force has been formed and will be meeting every two weeks. They will sift through comments, plans, etc. and weigh, shape, and reshape them for ongoing work.  The committee members are: Steve Varvis, Chair, Rich Kriegbaum – Administration, Robert Lippert – Administration, Ali Sena – Alumni, Sue Cox – Business, Randy Worden – Student Life Dean, Robin Perry – Education, Ken Cheung – Science, Rebecca McMillen – Arts, Ken Friesen – Political Science, Brian Ross– Seminary, Ron Herms – HRSS Academic Dean, Michael Allen – Assistant Provost, Brice Yocum– Regional Center, Jill Coppler – Enrollment, Karen Crozier – Faculty Development and Diversity, Marylou Miller – Human Resources, Gwen Burks – Support Staff


The developing work will be reviewed in various settings as it progress: departments, committees, cabinets, etc.


The current work is to develop the “big ideas” or “desired conditions in the world” that we would like to see evident as we achieve our plan.  Currently there are few specific goals in them.  These will continue to be developed as they solidify.


These “big ideas” or “desired conditions in the world” will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the end of February for comment and direction.  We hope to have a third or fourth draft by then for their review.


The current work builds on the more general plan that was developed in 2012-13.  Already departmental managers from all areas of campus are working to achieve the qualitative operational goals included in that plan. You can find both this plan, and an excerpt of operational goals from it on the strategic planning intranet page.


The core of the academic planning proposal was presented first briefly at the August 2014 professional day and is now getting more in-depth consideration.

Thank you again for your consideration, ideas and passion for the future of the University!