What's News-2/10

What’s News—a collection of updates from the media and our own news website
The new AIMS Center for Math and Science Education received extensive coverage surrounding the February 4 groundbreaking for its new center

KSEE 24 covered the event and had AIMS Center Director Lori Hamada as a guest on its morning show tveyes.com/Transcript.asp?StationID=1295&DateTime=2%2F9%2F2015+6%3A46%3A14+AM&Term=Fresno+Pacific&PlayClip=TRUE


ABC 30 reported on the groundbreaking tveyes.com/Transcript.asp?StationID=1285&DateTime=2%2F4%2F2015+5%3A08%3A10+PM&Term=Fresno+Pacific&PlayClip=TRUE


The Business Journal also covered the groundbreaking thebusinessjournal.com/news/education/15993-aims-center-breaks-ground-at-fresno-pacific

The FPU news website also has a report on the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, among other items, at news.fresno.edu