Renovations for the AIMS Center

In an August Squawkbox announcement, Chris Brownell explained the change in vision that the AIMS Education Foundation has implemented by launching The AIMS Center for Math and Science Education.  As the math and science teams in The AIMS Center begin to delve into research, we need a new and different facility in which to work – one that is collaborative and open.  In addition, we want our new facility to be inviting – to be a destination for graduate students, for faculty, for school and business partners, and for the community.
Therefore, the AIMS Education Foundation and the teams at work in the AIMS Center want to thank the FPU community for embracing our Groundbreaking event that took place on campus last Wednesday (2/4/15).  We sincerely thank Dr. Kriegbaum, the administrative team, the FPU faculty, the FPU board members, the FPU Foundation board members, and the students that came out and supported our event.
The AIMS Education Foundation has occupied the south end of the Wiebe Education Center (WEC) since 1993.  The Foundation has made the commitment to provide the desired open, collaborative, and inviting space for the new AIMS Center.  Therefore the demolition phase of the renovation to the south end of the Wiebe Education Center will begin as soon as this week.  Interior reconstruction should follow soon after.  Exterior work to the building is also planned.
Until the completion of this renovation, the AIMS Center has rented and relocated over to the house, Butler 2.  Some of our team has also occupied the AIMS library and the conference room in the north end of WEC.  We anticipate completion of this renovation project and moving back in to our facilities by the fall semester.  This will impact the north end of the main parking lot. We apologize for the inconvenience.  We sincerely appreciate the support and understanding of the entire FPU community as we move into this new era of work for the AIMS Education Foundation. 
Submitted by Lori Hamada, Director of The AIMS Center for Math and Science Education