Sunbird Slim-Down

Faculty and Staff!
Student Government, in partnership with the Department of Kinesiology, is putting on a semester-long weight loss and health program called the Sunbird Slim-Down. Everyone who applies as a participant will be matched with a trainer; everyone with prior training experience who applies to be a trainer will be matched with a participant. For a total of 11 weeks, you will work individually with your trainer on dieting and exercise plans. There are a total of four checkpoints: one at the beginning of the program, one after three weeks (just before midterm break), another after four weeks (just before Easter), and the last after four additional weeks (ending just before finals week). Everyone who participates for the entire program is eligible for prizes such as customized water bottles, athletic attire, and more.
If we get enough faculty and staff on board for the program, there may even be a competition with all of you against our student participants.
Applications and additional program details are available now in the USFPU Student Government Office (behind OSF) until Wednesday, February 18th. We hope to see many of you join us on this journey!