Staff Updates for O.R.E.O.

Exciting changes are happening in the Regional Enrollment Office!  We would like to formally announce the position changes for 3 of our excellent staff members; Tara Pierce, Jason Martin and Eduardo (Eddie) Pina. Tara will now serve as the Regional Enrollment Admissions Coordinator for both our DC and Graduate programs; she looks forward to working closely with staff and faculty ensuring a seamless experience for our new students.  Jason’s dedicated service to our Graduate population will now transition into our Regional Enrollment Project and Research Coordinator.  This will offer Jason the opportunity to assist our Regional Campuses with the new online application, Salesforce training and updates, and ongoing reporting and additional systems projects.  Eddie, who formally served as our Administrative Assistant, will now transition into the Regional Enrollment Process Coordinator. This position will involve regular training for all Regional Campus student workers, while continuing to develop and train our new SuperTeam through Salesforce and other admissions processes.  As the Associate Directors of the One-Stop Regional Enrollment Office, Denise Baronian and Joanie Joy are excited and looking forward to how these changes will better serve our campuses, faculty and students!  Please feel free to stop by and say hello!