About the Commencement Date Change

For those of you who are asked why we changed the date of our spring commencement to Friday, May 8, 7:00 p.m. at Selland Arena, these are the talking points you are encouraged to share:

Our university followed specific policies and protocol in reserving our original commencement date. Despite our actions, our date was bumped with no opportunity to negotiate. Please understand we did everything possible to prevent this turn of events.
The only options available to consider were a) change the venue, or b) change the date.
We want to guarantee that the last step of the student experience at FPU—commencement—be meaningful and excellent in every way. There are too many variables which are out of our control in an outdoor venue (i.e. weather, noise).
Due to our large graduating classes—we are projecting a record number of graduates this spring—Selland Arena is the only appropriate indoor venue in the community that allows us to accommodate our graduates’ family and friends without printing tickets. Our graduates have made it clear that having enough space so the important people in their lives can attend the ceremony has always been a priority.
We understand that changing the date by one day will inconvenience some families, even to the point of causing hardship. We are so very sorry, but the university had no choice in the matter.
NEXT STEP: If someone is still not satisfied this explanation, please send her/him to diana.mock@fresno.edu or 453-5505.