Academic Alerts is Still Open!

Academic Alerts is Still Open!
Student Success & Retention would like to thank the faculty who have been using the Academic Alerts system to help us better help our TUG students!
In an effort to assist our traditional undergraduate students stay on track academically, faculty have the option to notify students between weeks 4 through 10 of the semester, via email, who are struggling to maintain a C or above in their course(s).
Each student that you identify will automatically receive an email encouraging them to contact you with any questions about the course. They will also receive information about the Academic Support Center. Mentors (and Coaches, if applicable) will receive a list of their mentees who received Alerts. Our Student Success Team will be able to view a list of all students noted as struggling and we will reach out to those students on Academic Probation.
The directions for faculty to select a student for an academic alert are as follows:
    1.  Log in to Campus Cruiser account
    2.  Go to 'My Services' tab
    3.  Under the 'Faculty' menu on the left, choose "Academic Alerts"
    4.  Select term; Submit
    5.  Select course; Submit
    6.  Check the box next to "Send Alert?" for each individual student who is struggling; enter
         comments in the line next to the student's name; Submit.
Please contact Fay Nielsen should you have any questions.
Click here to check out Student Success & Retention’s expanding CampusCruiser webpage!