Summer/Fall 2015 Adoptions Due

Summer/Fall 2015 Adoptions Due: March 13th 
It’s adoptions time again! We’re working harder than ever to provide students with affordable textbooks and course materials.  In keeping with the new Higher Education Act we need to have all book information posted online as soon as possible. Please help us keep FPU in compliance by turning your adoptions in by the deadline or sooner if possible.
Your on time adoptions help students save money. Each adoption allows us to purchase more textbooks during our buyback week in May. They also give a head start on ordering used books from our other suppliers to increase our overall selection of used texts. Additionally, we rent every textbook and offer a selection of e-books as great low cost alternatives. Our website offers free shipping on every order so if you teach an off-site or online class encourage your students to check out  
If you have adjuncts in your department please pass this request along to them since they usually aren’t on the email distribution list.
Adoptions deadline:
Friday, March 13th
There are many easy ways to submit your textbook adoption:

Fill out the attached form and email back to
Send your completed form through the campus mail to box 6
Order online at (click the link near the bottom of the page)

Thank you in advance for your diligence in getting your adoptions in on time. Please call Erin at 559-453-5549 or email with any questions.