Information from Services for Students with Disabilities

The most common academic accommodation at Fresno Pacific University is extended time on exams.  Sixty-eight out of 87 students registered as having disabilities have extended exam times.  The reasons for this accommodation vary:

Students with AD/HD need time to refocus their attention.
Students with anxiety need time to self-calm during the stress of an exam.
Students with visual processing disorders need time to make sense of what they are reading.

All students registered as having a disability have submitted verification from a doctor or psychologist.  Extended time on exams allows students to show the level of their learning without being unduly hampered by a disability.  Accommodations should only be given to students who are registered as having a disability.
For more information on accommodations at Fresno Pacific University, please view the material on the Intranet (login required).  An online awareness training called “In Their Shoes” is available at ; our college ID is sunbird1 (ignore the user ID for first-time use).  I welcome the opportunity to have further conversations with individuals and groups regarding how to provide accommodations for students with disabilities.  Contact me at or 453-2247.