March Update on the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education

Many of you have noticed the demolition happening to the south end of Wiebe Education Center (WEC). We again thank the AIMS Education Foundation for underwriting the entire renovation of this facility.

Demolition is scheduled to be completed next week, by March 12th. The next phase of the project involves bringing in structural engineers to work with the architect to design an interior staircase, creating a unified feel upstairs and downstairs within The Center. Plans will then need to be redrawn and approved before the renovation can move forward.

We would just like to remind you that until the completion of this renovation, the AIMS Center has relocated over to the house, Butler 2. Some of our team has also occupied the AIMS library and the conference room in the north end of WEC. We anticipate completion of this renovation project and moving back in to our facilities by the fall semester. This will continue to impact the north end of the main parking lot. We apologize for the inconvenience. We sincerely appreciate the support and understanding of the entire FPU community as we move into this new era of work for the AIMS Education Foundation.