Notice Regarding Early Arrivals

Over the summer facilities has been doing some extensive renovations to the houses on Townsend and Heaton. It is possible that they may not be finished in time for our “earliest” early arrivals.  Therefore, I am trying to coordinate which houses and which students may need special accommodations.  As a result, we will not be able to facilitate the early arrival of any students living in the houses before August 9th and we will need to play it by ear, day by day, regarding any early arrivals after August 9th.  If you are anticipating anyone…not just those living in the houses…needing early housing (prior to the original move in date of August 27th) please e-mail me directly ASAP @ regarding your requests and I will see what I can do.   We recognize that this may feel different than previous years.  However, as we try to catch up on long-term deferred maintenance, it is necessary that we restrict access to student housing a little longer this summer.  By delaying access to student housing slightly, we are hopeful of completing many important maintenance projects.  Thank you for understanding.