Printer Fleet Upgrades

Greetings FPU,
In the coming weeks, you will be seeing dramatic changes in our printer fleet and how we manage it. Over the past six months, we have been evaluating our printer usage and have developed a management program in cooperation with our copier vendor- the Ray Morgan Company. During this time, we also tested several printers and chose the best for our deployment. Like our copier fleet maintenance program, the Ray Morgan Company will be responsible for hardware, toner, maintenance and repairs. 
In most cases, we will be replacing or moving the networked departmental printer located in your area. Some of the newer HP Printers will remain, but they are still included in the maintenance program. To assist Helpdesk with the deployment,  personnel from the Ray Morgan Company will be on-site to implement the new printers. In most cases, we will roll out 3 to 4 printers per day. Do not be surprised if you get a call or email from a representatives from the Ray Morgan Company regarding this project.
If you have any further questions, please Helpdesk.