Guests on Campus Next Week

Next week, on Tuesday, August 6th  from 8am-4pm there will be approximately 275 guests on campus with Fresno County’s Head Start Program.  Fresno County Head Start is holding their annual training day for their teachers here at FPU and we’re excited to welcome them.  Please be aware that with this influx of people your favorite parking spot may not be available this day when you arrive to work.  During the summer season, prior to the semester starting, parking is relaxed around campus so all employees are welcome to park in any of the parking lots and stalls with the exception of the timed specified and handicap stalls.  We’re excited to have these teachers on our campus and will be providing them with materials about the various programs FPU offers that allow them to expand their education and grow in their careers.  Thanks in advance for welcoming these individuals on August 6th if you see them around campus.