MCD Break Room Usage During WASC Visit

During the week of the WASC visit (September 17-20) the break room upstairs in McDonald Hall will be used as the team room for the visiting WASC members.  This means the breakroom (including the refrigerator/freezer and microwave) will be not be available for use by employees during that time frame.  Please plan accordingly by taking anything out of the fridge that you need or would like to keep prior to Friday, September 14th at 1pm.  The fridge will be cleaned out that Friday afternoon and any items or containers left in the fridge or freezer will be disposed of. 


You are welcome to utilize the refrigerator/freezer in the copy room in MCD 131 and transfer your items there if you wish to keep them.  Items will not be transferred for you.  During the time that the upstairs breakroom is not available, you are welcome to utilize the microwave in the AIMS Hall building (not the AIMS Center in Wiebe) or in the coffee shop.  Thanks for making adjustments during this week to accommodate this important visit by the WASC team.