National Hispanic Serving Institutions Week: September 17-23, 2018

National Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week will be celebrated and highlighted on September 17 – 23, 2018.    A week that brings light to the importance and influence that Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) have had in the United States.  It is truly a blessing to work at an HSI that serves more than 45% Hispanic or Latino students. 


In recognition of HSI week and to heighten awareness of the important role HSIs play in higher education everyone is encouraged to visit the ALAS Intercultural Learning Center (SCC 122) this week for the following campus activities:


Friday, September 21st, all day activity, Viva La Musica: journey through the diverse world of Hispanic music 


In addition, as this year’s Culturally Embedded Curriculum (CEC) applications were just released, it is a great time for faculty to review their courses to ensure that diverse perspectives and experiences are reflected throughout their course content.  Please read the “CEC Faculty Grant-ALAS Title V application” to learn more and to follow the instructions to apply.   

“Abrose et al. (2010, p.169-170) in How Learning works: Seven research based principles for smart teaching, states … ‘students cannot check their sociocultural identities at the door, nor can they instantly transcend their current level of development. Therefore, it is important that pedagogical strategies we employ in the classroom reflect an understanding of social identity development so that we can anticipate the tensions that might occur in the classroom and be proactive about them.’ Developing curricula with a cultural component not only supports student’s cognitive capabilities and allows them to understand different cultural perspectives, it allows them to gain a greater understanding of themselves, and understand different experiential contexts.’” 


For more information about any of the HSI week activities or CEC please contact Patty Salinas at or (559) 453-3434.