WASC's Special Visit: Abundant Gratitude

FPU is deeply grateful for WASC’s guidance during the Sept. 18-20 special visit. The team members’ individual and collective expertise all benefit FPU’s growing effectiveness. In that spirit, their commendations and recommendations, which point us toward greater institutional health, are all welcome.


WASC team members included:

  1. Staff Liaison              Tamela Hawley
  2. Team Chair                            Bob Brower, President Point Loma Nazarene Univ
  3. Team Assistant Chair           Lisa Bissell Paulson Former VP Pacific Union College
  4. Team Member                       Anatole Bogatski, Exec VP Life Chiropractic College West
  5. Team Member                       Ted Scholz, Chief Academic Officer, TCS
  6. Team Member                       Sheila Lloyd, Assoc Prov, Mills College


We are also grateful to FPU’s community spirit supporting this visit, including:



“It’s for you that we sing this song.” All FPU’s efforts are about supporting students and serving God’s kingdom. Students also participated on Inquiry Circles and attended interviews on campus.


Tina White   

Tina exemplifies extreme hospitality, generosity of spirit, and attention to detail. She knows how to choreograph complex events. ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough!


Inquiry Circles         

Groups of faculty, staff, and students reviewed evidence, collected additional evidence, identified successes, and recommended changes as needed. The Inquiry Circle Steering Committee liaisons kept their fingers on the pulse of report writing to support, encourage, and contribute to discovery. Circle Chairs led and coordinated writing.



Faculty collected evidence, analyzed data, derived important conclusions about institutional effectiveness, and generated changes where indicated. The strong personal relationships between faculty and students were evidenced in student testimonies when they met with visiting team members.


Staff participated in the self-study, from inquiry circles to data discovery, going the extra mile so that FPU’s story was comprehensive and transparent. Staff also ensured that the campus was beautifully tended while simultaneously caring for student needs.


Food Service

Daniel Brubaker hosted the site visitors’ meals both beautifully and efficiently. We love bragging on FPU’s meal service!


Campus Safety         

While addressing FPU’s ongoing needs, campus safety served the team’s transportation needs and remained on call for them throughout the visit.


OIE                 In addition to critical tasks such as collating, storing, and distributing evidence, Marrissa, Candi, and Kelly showed up for many ‘other duties as assigned,’ a testimony to their institutional commitment and flexibility. 


President and Provost

                        Dr Jones and Dr Copeland – thank you for trusting the community to evaluate,

envision, and represent FPU’s progress in each topic area. Your confidence in the process and the content is deeply appreciated. We aspire to make you proud!


Finally            To the entire community: Thank you in advance for welcoming WASC’s commendation and recommendation feedback with a generous spirit of service, as together we now respond affirmatively to WASC’s guidance and seek further growth in the coming years.



What Comes Next?


  1. Four weeks after visit, a PDF report is sent to FPU for correction of facts only;
  2. Six weeks after visit, FPU returns corrections and/or redactions to team chair and WASC VP;
  3. Eight to nine weeks after visit, WSCUC sends final team report to FPU, and requests CEO response;
  4. Two weeks after receipt, the CEO may respond;
  5. Commission meeting date (to be determined); Commission reviews and takes action;
  6. Two to three weeks after Commission meeting, an Action Letter is distributed to: CEO, ALO, Board, WSCUC Website;
  7. Within 30 days of receiving the action letter, the ALO distributes the action letter and informs the community of next steps.