SFS Highlights

Student Financial Services highlights:

What’s happening in Student Financial Services?  A lot! Below are just a few highlights from the last several months of ways that my team has been hard at work, regularly reviewing processes and procedures and looking for ways we can improve and grow to best meet the needs of our students in the areas of student accounts and financial aid.  


Back End Processing Team: Led by Bryan Taylor Associate Director of Processing and Accounts, Jamie Jones SFS Analyst, Nicholas Swan SFS Analyst, Tanisha Mannings SFS Analyst, Lisa Cloeters SFS Analyst, Paula Seminario Loan Coordinator


2018-2019 Award (10/3/18): 4,423

2017-2018 Award (10/3/17): 4,200


2018-2019 Award Amount (10/3/18): $69.0M

                Transmit Amount (10/3/18): $28.4M

2017-2018 Award Amount (10/3/17): $60.1M

                Transmit Amount (10/3/17): $25.0M


Other back-end highlights:

- Additional staffing to help facilitate ongoing internal audits, smoother/cleaner workflow processes and ultimately a better student experience

- Faster award time w/ more communication in advance of the school year for paperwork submission

- Moving over to Sunbird Central for SFS processes

- Initiated survey for conversation about continual improvement in the area of customer service

- More proactive communication touchpoints with students

-implemented a regular monthly report to institutional budget managers for the purposes of tracking spending of their scholarship funds


Regional Campus Team: Led by Chad Boling Associate Director of Regional Campuses, Jason Martin SFSA (Student Financial Services Advisor) NFC, DeSilva Tuitele SFSA NF (North Fresno)/Merced, Jared Wall Lead SFSA Visalia/Bakersfield, Megan Hinojos SFSA Visalia


*Implemented SFS Express:

  • SFS Express – SFS Advisors are available to meet with students in the atrium at regional campuses during the peak season (5-6:30 M-Th). Positive student feedback surrounding the additional support and availability.
  • An SFS Advisor is available at each regional campus on a weekly, if not daily basis (NFC/VRC every day; MRC 3 days; BRC 1 day)



Main Campus (TUG, GR/Credential/Seminary) Team: Led by Sarah Carmicheal Associate Director of Main Campus TUG, Grad/Credential and Seminary, Slavik Gladysh SFSA and Cal Grant Coordinator, Daniel Gonzales SFSA, Dianne Edwards SFSA for Seminary, Graduate and Credential programs on Main Campus and Online



  • Met with 102 students/families during TUG Registration days
  • Met with 72 students during the first week of the semester for walk-ins
  • Met with (outside of events) 580 students/Families over the summer
  • Awarded (reviewed) 810 new students
  • Awarded (reviewed 639 returning students
  • Hosting 6 offsite FAFSA workshops at local schools
  • Attending FPU Enrollment expresses to attract Transfer students
  • Awarded an estimated 582 students merit based scholarships (Athletics, Music, etc.)


  • Implemented the TEACH Grant for students
  • Put more emphasis on Loan forgiveness/repayment options in our student appointments
  • Created clear and useful handouts to better educate our students about their options
  • Hired a new SFS Advisor (SFSA)


  • Working closely with Seminary staff to ensure students are receiving the best services possible
    • Streamlining many processes, looking at areas that need improving and making changes where needed