Updates from the Graduate and Degree Completion Office

We’ve heard your feedback and in order to simplify communication lines, we wanted to inform our FPU community that, the O.R.E.O. office, (One Stop Regional Enrollment Office), will be returning to its former name…(GDC) Graduate and Degree Completion Admissions Office! We are excited for the changes we’ve made and hope that it will give you a clearer picture of “who’s who” in the GDC Admissions Office. We’ve attached an organizational chart so that you will know who to go to for what. We are here to serve our FPU community; feel free to stop by anytime!

In addition, please join me in welcoming two new employees. First, Tanya Jennings who is our new full-time admissions specialist and will be admitting students for all grad programs (with the exception of TED/SPED/PPS). Trisha Abrew, our office manager, will also be an admissions specialist and will be admitting students for DC.

Please join me in congratulating Tara Pierce in her new role in the GDC office. After seven years of working diligently to perfect our process and making sure our records are accurate, Tara now holds the title of senior graduate and degree completion admissions coordinator and will be admitting for all TED/SPED/PPS programs. She will also now lead the processing team as we continue to explore new ways to expedite our process and give the best customer service to our students and departments.