Calling for Ambassadors of Diversity!

Grace and joy to you family!

As your 2019 Chairperson of the University Diversity Committee and Chief Diversity Officer, I would like to invite you to participate in the development of a new advisory subcommittee for the UDC. It’s called the Ambassadors for Diversity. This subcommittee will help to reach all of the University with best service praxis for diversity related formation.

Each Ambassador will represent the academic school and office they serve in at FPU. This voluntary ministry will help us to advance the diversity mandate in the gospel among ourselves. We (the University Diversity Committee) would like to recruit 2 ambassadors from each area to be responsible for diversity initiatives in their unit of service. For example, every division of FPU specializes in a unique discipline or service that calls for them to see and experience diversity in different ways. The new model of diversity and service for FPU will be designed and led by and Ambassador of diversity from each individual office and school. Their task will be to develop an approach to the many areas of diversity in their unique place of service.

As ambassadors, their role will be to serve and lead their colleagues in areas of exploration and best praxis for their discipline or service. They will be charged with developing and setting goals for University success.

Our task (The UDC) will be to assist in resourcing, encouraging and facilitating University wide training, and celebrations for all. It is my prayer that this new model of inclusion, diversity in leadership, and empowerment will be embraced across the University so that everyone would own their portion and ministry of spiritual formation as diversity.


If you are interested in helping with this new initiative of the UDC would you contact yours truly @


Thank you family for sharing in the joy of making disciples and moving us into the next level of service, inclusion and celebration in the work of diversity.


May the Lord richly bless you for all that you have done and are doing in the Kingdom.