Employment for Students

We are making steps towards improving processes in HR and trying to make hiring a student more seamless for both the student and the supervisor! As you may need to hire students towards the close of this semester please use the new forms on the intranet for the Student Employment Contract, Student Extended Summer Contract, Student Pay Increase and Student Separation Form. As of December 17, we will no longer be accepting the old student employment agreement and will only accept the Student Employment Contract in order to keep up with the California labor code requirements.


The minimum wage increase at the end of the year for students does not require a Student Pay Increase form as we will make sure everyone who qualifies receives the minimum wage increase and appropriate legal notice.


We have updated the Student Employment Agreement, the supervisor and student responsibilities, and the general safety guidelines to be one contract instead of 3 separate sheets! We have also included labor code language that is required in the state of California.


You will soon be seeing these forms in electronic form which will make it even better; however, until then please use the forms on the links provided.