Art Exhibit, January 14 - March 8

Art Exhibit:

Voice to the Voiceless

McDonald Hall, AIMS Hall, Sattler Art Gallery, Alumni Hall

FPU Main Campus

January 14 - March 8, 2019

A retrospective of art projects by McLane High School ArtVenture students under the direction of Marc Patterson.  ArtVenture students have been making thought-provoking artworks inspired by real-world social issues for over ten years.  Student projects confronting issues of homelessness, water conservation, agriculture, 9/11, human trafficking, immigration, literacy, foster care and other relevant contemporary issues were created collaboratively using a wide variety of innovative educational approaches.  In addition to past exhibitions at Fresno Pacific University, Fresno Art Museum, Arte Americas, and other California museums and galleries, the ArtVenture project Stories from Home: The Southeast Asian Project was previously exhibited at the White House in Washington D.C. where Patterson and students met Vice President Joe Biden.