Registrar’s Office E-Form Submission Process

All Registrar’s Office forms have been moved to an electronic format which can be submitted online, with the exception of the Academic Petition form (e-form coming soon!).  Paper forms will no longer be available for faculty or students. Please note that forms are based on roles and will only be accessible depending on the role.  For example, student initiated forms will only be accessible to students and faculty initiated forms will only be accessible to faculty. 

To access a faculty form, log into Sunbird Central ( and click on the briefcase icon (Daily Work) along the left-hand side. Select Faculty and a list of available forms should appear.  Click on the appropriate form.  You will be redirected to the online form site where you will be asked to log in again.  Complete the form and select submit to send it to the next person/office within the workflow.

Students can access forms through the site.  All student forms have been added to the Forms & Links tile within 

As instructors and mentors/advisors, you may receive an email notification from if a student has submitted a form that needs your review/approval.  The email will provide a link to the form for your review and submission to the next person/office within the workflow.

Attached are additional instructions and explanations about the various features within the new online form site.  If you have any questions or need additional training on navigating through the new process, please let us know.