Senior Professionals Announcement 4/9

The Senior Professionals seminar for next week Tuesday, April 9 (2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. in SCC 103), features Reimer, Garza, Ediger and Swenning on "What does Community Transformation at Work Look Like in Reedley and Fresno County."  Faculty and staff are invited to attend as guests of the Senior Professionals group.

There are a number of organizations and efforts involved in trying to bring about community transformation in Reedley and Fresno County, and today we will learn about three which represent different approaches.

Don Reimer of Community Youth Ministries, Chief Joe Garza and Lt. Marc Ediger of the Reedley Peace Building Initiative, and John Swenning of the Center for Peacemaking in Fresno County, will be introducing their respective programs to us, describing their origins, explaining their purposes and how they are motivated by faith, and painting a portrait of how they carry out their purposes and the kind of impacts they have had in Reedley and Fresno County. You will not want to miss these inspiring presenters and hearing the transformative stories they have to tell.