Did you know?

Did you know . . . Brought to you by the office of Disability Access and Education:

“Findings from the 2017 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) data release established that an estimated 26.9 million adult Americans (or about 10% of all adult Americans) reported they either ‘have trouble’ seeing, even when wearing glasses or contact lenses, or that they are blind or unable to see at all” (https://www.afb.org/research-and-initiatives/statistics). People with significant vision loss can access the computer and internet with special software called a screen reader.  Just because we can upload something to the computer doesn’t mean it is accessible.   Remember that if someone cannot see, the computer mouse is useless as well as any images.  Image-only pdfs are exactly that—images or pictures of text, not actual text.  There are things we can do to make text more accessible.  Check out these “cheatsheets” http://www.ncdae.org/resources/cheatsheets/.  Tutorials on Hoonuit (access through the FPU portal) provide even more complete information.  Always assume that someone in your intended audience either now or in the future has a disability even if you don’t know the disability exists.