Welcome Claudia Norris to the School of Education

I am pleased to announce that Claudia Norris has accepted the position of Special Education Program Director: Visalia Campus. Professor Norris earned her Master of Science degree from California State University Hayward and her credentials in multiple subjects, special education and administrative services from California State University Fresno.  Professor Norris brings with her over thirty years of experience in the field of education, most recently as the director of the Madera County Office of Education SELPA.


Professor Norris wrote in her application:  

I would say that after a long career of services to student disabilities that the major belief of mine is that all students can learn. Students may start a different place of achievement or skills, and they may move at a different pace, but they all can learn. All students can learn so it is the responsibility of educators to work diligently to discover what they must do to ensure that growth occurs.


We are honored to have Professor Norris join our School of Education community!