Early Housing for Student Employees

The fall semester is just around the corner and some of you may want your student employees to move into housing early. Here is some information and processes you might find helpful.

Student employees can move in to housing prior to the housing check in date for returning students (August 24th).  The earliest they can check in is the day before their first official shift or training. There will be a charge of $100/week or $15/day. If the move in day is over a weekend, Residence Life will need to set up a specific check in appointment. If the move in day is on a work day, your student employee can check in with Residence Life during office hours at the Student Life office. They must have already applied and be assigned housing prior to check in. Please note, new students to housing must be already accepted to the university, have submitted a Roommate Match form/Housing Application and have paid the $200 housing deposit. If they are new to housing it will take up to 48 hours to process their housing application before they can move in. 

Should you wish to pay for their early housing and/or meals from your budget please note the following:

Student Housing and meals are considered income by the IRS and must be included in hourly wages. You will need to complete and submit a Student Employment Agreement to the Human Resources with the housing and meals included in the base pay. Below is a sample calculation to determine the new student rate of pay:

[Housing + Meals + Scheduled Earnings] / Hours per week = Hourly rate of pay

[$100 + $78 + $220]/ 20 hours per week = $19.90 per hour

Housing: $100 per week

Meals: $78 per week

Scheduled Earnings: Min. Wage x hours per week = $11.00 per hour x 20 hours per week =  $220

Total: $398

The student will initially be billed the housing amount and you will work out the employment agreement with Human Resources.

Please contact Mandie Wall to provide her with the names of the student employees and dates of their potential move-in, or if you have any housing related questions:  mandie.wall@fresno.edu or at 559-453-5696.