FPU Tuition Waiver Benefit

All regular FPU employees are offered a tuition waiver benefit for themselves, spouses and dependents. The current policy and application can be found at:



The Kinesiology Department recently put a notice in the Squawk Box about their offering of PE Activity Courses in which FPU employees can participate. The tuition waiver policy states “Tuition waivers will cover up to 9 non-matriculated units total”. Feel free to use this benefit to get some exercise!


If you plan to participate in any course as a non-matriculating student you will need to:

  • Complete a non-matriculating application in the TUG Admissions Office; for questions, contact Jason Munoz x/5532
  • Register for the course in the Registrar’s Office
  • Complete a tuition waiver form (mark it “non-matriculating”) and submit to Tina White


If you have any questions about tuition waivers, please contact Tina White at tina.white@fresno.edu.