Email Retention

Did you know that the information in an email might be subject to the university records retention policy?  Email in and of itself is not subject to retention, but the contents or attachments may be a record that needs to be retained.  Just like a paper document, you will need to make the determination whether this is something that needs to be retained or not.  You can learn more by looking at the university records retention policy located on the FPU intranet site.  Email systems and their backups are not designed as archives for this purpose and should not be used as such.  Most email messages are used for routine correspondence and not university records and have no lasting value to the institution.  An email may have lasting value if its contents has one or more of the following characteristics:  1) operational value necessary for a department to function, 2) legal or evidential value, 3) fiscal value relating to financial transactions, 4) historical significance or 5) vital to operational continuity after disruption or disaster.  If you determine that an email message itself should be retained, the best way would be to save it as a text document or print to PDF and store it where you would store other institutional documents of the same record type.