Fall 2019 Student Contracts

1)  Contracts dates for the full school year should be: 08/26/201905/16/2020

2)  Please turn contracts in to HR at least one week in advance

3)  Wages should be listed with the overtime amount i.e. $12.00 X 1.5 = $18.00

All necessary documents (listed below) will need to be turned in to HR.  This is necessary in order to process student contracts efficiently and smoothly without chasing a student down.


**No student should begin their position prior to receiving a confirmation email from HR**

  • Student Employment Contract
  • W4 2019
  • IIPP
  • Direct Deposit form (optional)
  • Proof of registration and FAFSA eligibility from SFS
  • 2019 I9 (Completed ONLY in HR)