University Marketing and Communications Monthly Report

In an effort to inform the FPU community about university marketing efforts, we have launched a new monthly report. It’s our goal, as University Marketing and Communications Office, to make informed decisions about how and where we present the university, and in turn, to inform you, the FPU community.


The monthly report will, by no means, be comprehensive in covering all projects and all advertisements. However, it will give you a snapshot of how we’re measuring up and how we apply that information.

In a typical report, we’ll cover:

· Social media engagement

· Web traffic & email engagement

· Mass media

· Print media

· Digital Advertisements

· Leads, Applications & Sources

University Marketing and Communications is a team of strategic-thinking project managers, talented creatives and developers, and data lovers. We’re here to lead the university in brand marketing and we’re committed to serving the FPU Community. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help or for information, or simply enjoy this monthly snapshot.