Welcome Day Parking and Volunteering

Faculty and Staff at Fresno Pacific University home campus,


On Wednesday, August 21, FPU main campus will be welcoming new students and their families to campus for move-in day and orientation/welcome activities. These new first-year students (residential and commuter) will be involved in numerous activities and events throughout the day designed to connect them to FPU and reinforce how excited we are that they’ve chosen to be a part of this learning community. Through Squawk Box, President Jones has put a call out for volunteers to assist with this effort https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fresno-pacific-university-freshman-orientation-day-2019-tickets-64693714642. As a community we only get one opportunity to make a great first impression. With that said, I encourage you all to get involved and help welcome our new students while engaging with parents and family members. This “coming together” of our team to help with move-in and orientation activities emphasizes our value of community and reinforces the notion that each person at FPU is cared-for and valued.


One easy way you can help that day is by parking in the McDonald Lot off Chestnut, the dirt lot next to Twilight Haven (on the corner of Winery and Hamilton), or street side on Hamilton Ave., Heaton Ave. or Townsend Ave. (east of Winery on both of these streets). The horseshoe of Heaton, Garden, and Townsend (west of Winery) will be used only for new students and their families on this day. For all our guests this day we will be utilizing all parking at Butler Church, Jost Hall, Heaton (athletic), Hamilton lots, and a large chunk of the Steinert (facilities) parking lot.  We ask that you please refrain from parking in these lots just for this one day.


Thanks so much for your cooperation and willingness to chip in on this day. Providing convenient parking and an amazing welcome-day experience will greatly convey a sense of hospitality and care to all our new Sunbirds and their families.