New Intranet Site

UPDATE: The launch has been push back to later this week.

The webteam has been working on updating the intranet to the newest version of the codebase that the site is built on. We are planning on launching the new version of this site next Tuesday, September 3. There will be some down time that day while we finalize the migration of the site. The site will look largely the same for now but there will be some small visual changes. You will still log in using your Office 365 credentials. We will also be keeping the old version of the site running in case there is any content that was missed in the migration. Instructions for notifying us of missing content will be available when the new site launches. The domain for the new site will be the same,, but many of the pages will have different urls.


WARNING: If you have bookmarks or saved links to certain intranet pages, those bookmarks will almost certainly be broken when the new site launches. We encourage you to explore the new site to find the pages you use the most and recreate any bookmarks.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Chase Conklin (, 559-453-2280).