2019-2020 Spring Catalog Addendum

The time to get catalog edits into the addendum has come! All changes are due by October 1, otherwise they will have to wait until next fall. Edits are made through Acalog at: https://fresno.acalogadmin.com/login.php

Just a few reminders:

  • Your login is the same as your computer login.
  • Each program director has edit access to their specific program(s).
  • Once edits are complete, send them to your reviewer (your Dean or VP of your department). They will approve or deny your submission.
  • If there are any areas in your program that other faculty update you will need to work with them and make the edits together.
  • If you are adding a new program, please fill out the New Program e-forms which will ensure the changes go through the proper approvals. These forms are located on Sunbird Central alongside our other forms.
  • If you require changes to cores or courses in a program, please fill out the Program Change form. These forms are located on Sunbird Central alongside our other forms and are submitted electronically.
  • New courses and course changes require the proper New Course or Course Change form to be submitted to the Registrar’s office. These forms can be found on Sunbird Central and sent electronically.
  • Other catalog content that it not tied to a Program, such as General Information, Cost and Financial Aid, etc. are Custom Pages.

Catalog trainings can be found at: https://intranet.fresno.edu/registrars-office/training


Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.