August Monthly Marketing Report

August is always an exciting time of the year for the marketing team. School is back in session and we can tangibly see the fruits of our efforts in enrollment marketing as students arrive on campus. It’s also a time we’re launching new marketing for the fall. In the coming months, you may notice the roll-out of SMS (texting), a greater emphasis on programmatic offerings and increased email marketing. We are thrilled with the approval of the undergraduate nursing program and we are in production on new marketing content for nursing at FPU. In comparison to last month’s report, you’ll also notice an increase in web traffic and digital advertising impressions/clicks. This is typical this time of year as our audiences move from summer vacation mode to thinking about the new academic year.


The past several months have also been extra busy with preparations for the launch of FPU’s 75th year. From new signage around campus, to invitation packages for the signature events, to new mass media, social media and even an anniversary website (, every member of the UMC team has been hard at work to help make the anniversary year a success.


As always, this month’s report is a brief snapshot of the marketing efforts of our team and the university. University Marketing and Communications is a team of strategic-thinking project managers, talented creatives and developers, and data lovers. We’re here to lead the university in brand marketing and we’re committed to serving the FPU Community. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help or for information, or simply enjoy this monthly snapshot.