School of Business Supports Local PMI Chapter

Recently Michelle Bradford, Psy.D., and Sharon Starcher, D.B.A., from the School of Business, facilitated the annual board retreat for the Project Management Institute - Central California Valley Chapter (PMI-CCVC). PMI is the world’s leading project management organization with over 500,000 Global Members and over 300 Local Chapters Internationally. The local chapter serves members from Merced to Bakersfield. 

The annual board retreat focused on strategic planning for the new year and was held at the California Health Sciences University campus. Bradford and Starcher, through an interactive activity, guided leaders to focus on chapter mission and vision, as well as opportunities for the future. This activity helped the group understand where they were as an organization, where they wanted to be, and generated collaborative ideas on how to achieve sustainability and growth as a nonprofit organization.

Bradford and Starcher also presented at the chapter’s monthly dinner last week, where they focused on communication. The session provided an opportunity for attendee’s to test their communication and listening skills along with providing tips and ideas on how to improve personal communication skills.

Bradford, Starcher, Katie Fleener, and Instructor Steven Starcher have been involved with the local PMI chapter for some time and are collaborating to establish an Academic Forum at FPU. The Academic Forum provides opportunities for students to learn project management skills and to network with professionals from multiple career fields. Academic Forums are managed by the chapter leaders, with meetings and events planned and facilitated by students. Academic Forums are open to student membership from all academic institutions within the local geographic area. Each educational institution involved with the forum hosts a meeting at their campus, inviting speakers relevant to students entering a variety of career fields. Watch for more information about the first FPU hosted event during the Spring 2020 semester. 

 For more information on PMI and/or to get involved with the academic forum efforts, please contact Sharon Starcher via campus email.